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Elizabeth Croydon is a comedienne, writer, actress, producer, and feminist. The ‘Tonight Show’, ‘Last Comic Standing’, and National Lampoon’s “Master Debaters” are some of the tv appearances she’s made.

Watch Elizabeth play Madame X in a mad cap spoof of Quentin Tarantino movies , “Underbelly Blues” on Amazon Prime. Free for Amazon members! 


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You can book Elizabeth for: 


Stand Up Comedy

Elizabeth has comedy for all ages, for clubs to colleges as well as custom events at bars and other venues. 

Motivational Speaking

Let Elizabeth show you how you too can use comedy to create sales and generate clients.  Elizabeth has a passion for motivating young girls to take charge of their future and advocating for the equal right amendment.

Teaching Workshops

Curious about stand up comedy? Elizabeth teaches all ages including beginners and comedy veterans.