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Professional Comedienne

Elizabeth Croydon is a comedienne, writer, feminist and producer.  She has appeared on Last Comic Standing, the Tonight Show, and the National Lampoon. 

Watch her performance in "Underbelly Blues" on AmazonPrime.

A shared birthday on October 12th is not the only thing that Elizabeth Croydon and Dick Gregory have in common.They also share the same outlook on being an agitator. The role of the agitator in society is critical. Dick Gregory says it best. “The next time you put your underwear in the washing machine, take the agitator out, and all you’re going to end up with is some dirty wet drawers!” Both artists have put their lives on the line in defense of principles they believe in. Civil rights, healthy food, a transparent government, racial equality, and women’s rights are some of the things Croydon has stood for in her comedy. 

Born and raised within the Washington DC area, Elizabeth began her adventures in the arts early. Learning that archeology required a lot of math she went into theatre. Her first role in Washington Theatre was part of the ensemble cast for “Its That Time again,” a Kennedy Center Lab Theatre work written by group storytelling and improv. She studied acting at The Duke Ellington School for the Arts. She studied Shakespeare at the Folger Shakespeare Conservatory. She helped open the Washington Jewish Theatre with their production of Lillian Hellman’s “The Children’s Hour” in which the Washington Post noticed her in the small role of Evelyn Munn. 

In the early 90’s she toured discovered the Church of the Subgenius and toured colleges as the Rev. Mary 2 Au Contraire contributing to the syndicated radio show “Hour of Slack”. Her favorite show from that period in time was opening New Year’s Eve for the Reverend Horton Heat. Playboy Magazine noticed her preachings with the church and Reverend Ivan Stang referring to them as "part stand up comedian, part Zen master.” It was the satirical church that launched her appetite for stand up comedy. Her poetry was noticed by Red Dragon Press ’s Laura Qa and published in a collection of DC poets. She began the study of Aikido, a Japanese martial art, at the Shobukan Dojo in Washington DC and later went on to perform an Aikido demonstration for secretary Norm Minetta and the Department of Transportation after the 9/11 attacks.She opened for Dave Attell and bombed so famously she wrote about it. She attended the American Academy of dramatic arts while hosting one of the first medical cannabis buyer’s clubs in NYC. She left the academy after a semester to work on a screenplay adaptation of a work by Shakespeare and studied Aikido under Steven Seagal. She received the medicine buddha empowerment at Sony Studios from Penor Rinpoche and Steven Seagal. 

Her political voice and humor became very prominent in the new millennium. The election of 2000 was the first election that Elizabeth observed where the honesty and power of the vote might be in question, and she marched against the inauguration of George Bush. Her voice as a peaceful activist was amplified by Washington Post Writers such as David Montgomery and other media outlets. She made her first feature movie in her hometown Washington DC with a group of friends and fellow artists. The Washington City Paper first noticed her during this time and came to set for an interview. “Washington Interns Gone Bad “ was shot on a shoe string budget all over Washington and included locations such as the DNC office, Elizabeth’s personal residence, The Smithsonian Mall, and the media mistook the wedding scene for an actual wedding at a World Bank Protest preside by The Rev. Billy from the Church of Stop Shopping. The movie began to attain cult status when Lloyd grove, before he became editor of the Daily Beast, wore up a traffic accident that occurred between herself and former Senator Rick Santorum. The movie went on to gain some national attention and awards, screening in Germany at the Tromanale Film Festival in Berlin. She continued pulling political stunts for social justice with Adam Eidinger including leading a 50 foot paper mâché dragon down constitution Ave for economic justice and in protest at the Republican convention at Madison square garden where it mysteriously caught fire catching the eye of many media outlets. She appeared regularly on late night talk radio on wpfw always commandeering the station with handful of artists in tow. And then she headed West to Tinsel Town. 

Elizabeth’s foothold in Hollywood began at the Comedy Store. She came there in a crisis and paid regulars Sergio Love, Dat Phan, and Claude Shires gave her a place to live and helped her comedy feet stand up. She struck lucky when the TonightShow with Jay Moore noticed her at the second season of “Last Comic Standing” auditions at the Hollywood Improv. She was the last comics standing in line having run errands to the store with her bike all day for the comics waiting to be seen. Tinsel town took notice of her, and she was the first in Line for auditions in San Francisco. She won a sliver of camera time doing impressions of female famous fictional female characters, and went on to cut her comedy chops harder. Producer Howard Dover noticed her promise and began booking her on his “Extravaganja” shows in The Comedy Store’s main room. She shared line ups with Joe Rogan and Leslie Jones during her comedic advocacy for legalization in California. Then Elizabeth came on board the production crew of “Underbelly Blues” a first rate b movie spoof of Tarrentino movies produced by Quentin’s father, Tony. Available for viewing on Amazon Prime, Elizabeth Plays Madame X, a jewish mother dominatrix. Another movie she produced and acted in is a Nollywood movie made by Saidi Balogun called “You or I” the first English speaking Nollywood movie. Stand up comedy continued to be kind to her. Elizabeth was asked to perform at an awards gala and present Cheech and Chong with a lifetime achievement award. Life magazine featured her with the comedic duo. She wrote and performed her own material on a short lived tv series created by Matthew Ornstein and Alex Burger Called “Master Debaters” and was knighted a Master Debater in the name of National Lampoon. She made a series of short commercials for LEAP - Law Enforcement Against Corruption.

Leaving Hollywood after wrapping her role as Madame X, Elizabeth accepted an invitation to stay in Taos New Mexico and set about making a comedic short about coffee called “Baristo”. It debuted at the Santa Fe Museum for Fine Arts and won the audience choice award. It was an official selection for the Taos Shortz festival. Elizabeth found background work on “Longmire” and talked herself into a crew job on Jerry Bruckheimer’s “Lone Ranger”. She lobbied for film and movie jobs at Santa Fe’s capitol. She taught theatre, speech, improv for brief period of time and headed back to Washington DC all the while doing stand up.

Returning to Washington she teamed up with Adam Eidinger to bring attention many social issues including Monsanto paying off office holders to support bio engineered food. She and Eidinger were arrested. Papers as far away as England covered her efforts to bring attention to the money being spent to buy votes in Washington. She spent a brief period running her own radio show called “The EvilDuGooder Show” on She ran for congress on a third party ticket in memory of the late peace activist Jay Marx. She ran a show at the Bier Baron tavern in DC called #PotShotComics with Haywood Turnipseed Jr. and once again collaborated with Adam Eidinger on several cannabis comedy fundraisers. Phone homie, a wlvs radio personality and cannabis advocate asked her to host his “Slab Hour” program while he was out of the country. She participated in the grant sustained project “Her Story”, a radio program broadcast and archived by We Act Radio available in DC public libraries. She began to put her first hour of comedy together after surviving a vicious assault. She first debuted it at the New Deal cafe thanks to producer and comic Chris Lawrence of Claw comedy. She went on to workshop it further. She teamed up with event hostess Ashley Stafford to create the sold out show “Blazed and confused”. 3400 media outlets covered the story of #Trump420 - a cannabis giveaway that took place on the day Donald Trump was sworn into office. She was arrested for sass talking Senator Lindsey Graham during a C-span broadcast speaking clearly against the nomination of Jefferson Sessions. She was arrested again illegally by the US government and held for 24 hours with no charges on April 20th for giving two joints to every government worker with a federal ID. With local producer Valerie Paschall she created the Pussy Galore Tour and staged her hour comedy show at Washington’s Black Cat receiving standing ovations. She flew the Pussy galore tour to California with the help of the DC Canna Club where MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell saw her work. She produced a stand up comedy fundraiser with the Pussy Galore tour theme at the Broadway Comedy Club with Equal Means Equal Spokesperson and Director Natalie White for She held a vigil for 60 days in front of the White House to encourage the ratification of the Equal Right Amendment. Now she is assisting James Michael Gaghan open the DCComedy Loft.

Elizabeth is available to come do comedy at your club or college. 3016550997